Advice on sleeping

In recent years there have been various advances in quality and new materials such as memory foam and gel mattresses. This does not make it any easier for the customer to choose, there are a number of highly important basic principles as shown below to make the choice easier.

Our sleep advisers are of course at your disposal if you have more specific questions, it is best to come along to one of our showrooms and feel the differences for yourself, only then will you be able to make a sound judgment.

Questions when choosing a bed.

Ideal sleeping position

Everyone has their own way of sleeping, how you sleep will also partly determine your choice of mattress. Below you will find the most advisable ways of sleeping.

Lying on your side is the ideal position because there is no added pressure on blood vessels and internal organs.
A variant of lying on your side is the foetus position, on your side with your legs drawn up, this variant is the better solution for back patients. The only thing against lying on one’s side is that this position is slightly less stable because the support area is smaller.

An advantage of lying on one’s back is that weight of the sleeper is distributed over a large area, thus placing the least pressure on intervertebral discs. The point against it is that pressure on intestines and lungs is higher, causing some people to breathe more heavily.

Lying on one’s front is not an ideal lying position because the sleeper places all the pressure on the lower back and since we cannot breathe otherwise we turn our neck to adopt entirely the wrong position, often resulting in back and neck complaints.

Sleep news

Sleep apnoea and/or excessive snoring: many people snore so excessively that breathing is often interrupted for a couple of seconds, we call this sleep apnoea, a problem which should not be underestimated, because sufferers never feel they have a had a good night’s sleep, which can lead to serious concentration problems and additional pressure on the heart and blood vessels. Follow this link for more information and to undergo tests yourself at the VUB sleep clinic: VUB (Free University of Brussels) Sleep Unit

Sleeping well makes you more attractive and healthier!
According to a medical study by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, there is now proof that sleep makes you more attractive. 23 people were took part in the experiment along with 65 observers.A photo was taken of the 23 people on 2 different occasions, once with a night of sleep deprivation and once with a normal night’s rest. The conclusion was that people who had a normal night’s rest looked more attractive than people who had slept badly. Follow this link for the study in English.
A good night’s sleep has nothing but benefits! follow this link.

Come along for more advice from your sleep specialist

Tip: Separate duvets

A taboo in many bedrooms is each to their own duvet. 

Why not?

1) We know from experience that one partner will feel too hot or too cold; with 2 separate duvets one partner can have a lighter duvet and the other a warmer one. Problem solved.

2) If one of the partners moves around a great deal during the night, someone will always have too little of the duvet or feel too cold: with 2 separate duvets you will never have that problem again, then the other can toss and turn as much as he/she likes.

The choice is yours!



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