1 or 2 separate mattresses?

This is one of the major questions facing couples when deciding on a new mattress. Below we sum up the ‘pluses’ and ‘minuses’ for each choice, it is up to you to weigh them up. 

1 large mattress


  • impression of a larger sleeping area (certainly advisable for smaller beds) 
  • no ‘gap’ between the 2 mattresses 
  • a large difference in weight between partners is no longer a problem, you can get most mattresses at De Slaapadviseur with 2 different densities in one large cover, so you don’t have a ‘gap’ while each still has his or her own comfort
  • is usually slightly cheaper


  • you are more likely to feel your partner moving during the night
  • this is more difficult for an adjustable base, since bases in a double bed are always in 2 sections
  • more unwieldy (heavier)

2 separate mattresses


  • you are less likely to feel your partner moving during the night, which is better for sleep quality
  • perfect for electrically and manually adjustable bases, each partner adjusts his or her own base to watch TV, to read or to sleep.
  • easy to handle (lighter than 1 large mattress)


  • the famous ‘gap’ in the middle (a central zip can be had as an option)
  • usually slightly more expensive





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