A hard or a soft mattress?

The comfort of the mattress must match the sleeper’s build. Someone who is tall and thin can weigh the same as someone who is short and broad. However due to their very different build they will need completely different comfort levels: a softer mattress for the taller person and a firmer one for the shorter person. One’s personal taste will of course play an important part in choosing the comfort level of the mattress.

Too firm:

too firm a mattress

A mattress which is too firm restricts optimum blood circulation due to the fact that the pressure points in the shoulder and pelvic regions are overloaded and this can be the cause of too much tossing and turning while sleeping. If one suffers often from a painful pelvis, painful shoulders or numb arms this may be a consequence of a mattress which is too firm.

Too soft:

too soft a mattress

A mattress which is too soft is not good either. The heaviest part of the body (the pelvis) will then sag and will have insufficient support. The sleeper needs greater exertion to move during the night. The back cannot get enough rest as a result and problems will follow, mainly in the lower back. One changes position on average 30 to 50 times a night to avoid spasms and stiffness.




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