It started with a madcap idea about a cardboard box duvet cover. Part of the proceeds would be donated to the Stichting Zwerfjongeren Nederland, a Dutch charity for the homeless. Because you will only sleep well under a homeless duvet cover if you help the homeless too. The Le Clochard duvet cover went on to be a success.
TV, magazines, newspapers, blogs: the initiative generated a great deal of comment. Not just in the Netherlands either: charities from Britain and Germany also joined, they also shared in the proceeds and media attention. Among other things a new relief centre for teenage mothers in Enschede was furnished completely out of the Dutch proceeds. The idea didn’t seem so daft after all.
New ideas kept coming. Like e-mails for people throughout the world who were after more distinctive bedding. SNURK bedding became a reality a year and a half later (Snurk means “snore” in Dutch). Many other prints followed, from real trompe l’œils to humorously coloured images.


These covers are available in the following sizes: 140x220, 200x220 and 240x220. The pillowcases included with them are 60x70 cm in size.


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