Verilin has been producing luxury household linen combined with accessories since 1956. From the very beginning founder Etienne Vercruysse opted for high levels of quality – a value that his daughter Laurianne and his granddaughters Ilse and Anne-Sophie still set great store by today.

Thanks its combining of tradition, craftsmanship, innovation and creativity, this Kortrijk-based manufacturer is among the global leaders in luxury linen. Every season Verilin succeeds in pushing the boundaries with a product that has been anchored in Flemish culture for centuries. Verilin’s craftsmanship and drive for innovation have resulted in international recognition for the company’s creations.

From 100% to half linen

In addition Verilin has profiled itself over recent decades as a supplier of high-grade custom-made work: the high-tech inventory of machines combined with the know-how of the craftsmen in the workshop make any bedding dream come true. Another unique feature is that the production process, from weaving to finishing still takes place on site under the firm’s management.


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