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Hans Kruchen only uses graded materials to manufacture duvets and pillows. The down and feathers originate from ducks and geese kept in animal-friendly conditions. Hans Kruchen products are carefully processed in the traditional workshop in Münsterland, Germany and stringent quality assurance is a guarantee of controlled quality: the only genuine one from Hans Kruchen.

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Vario system

Hans Kruchen down duvets are available in various weights and various insulation ratings; Extra Light, Light, Medium and Warm. This will go a long way towards fulfilling your personal wishes in respect of sleeping habits and desirable temperatures.
The Vario Kombi system goes a step further and enables the down duvets to be combined with one another. To this end each duvet has a simple fastening system with buttons included. This will enable you to assemble a 4-seasons duvet for instance with one Medium and one Extra Light.


Due to the fact that Hans Kruchen utilises healthy naturally matured down and feathers from the very best geese, the products are also suitable for people suffering from an allergy. The down and feathers are washed by a traditional method in accordance with the most up-to-date biotechnical standards and are processed in a traditional environmentally-friendly manner. For ease of maintenance the duvets may be washed in accordance with the washing instructions stated on the duvets (60 °C maximum).

Synthetic duvet

For people who are very sensitive to house dust mites it is advisable to use synthetic duvets, because these can be washed very regularly at higher temperatures (at 60 °C). Due to the synthetic polyester filling however, these duvets perform much less well with regard to ventilation and they weigh a good deal more than a down duvet.

Summer duvet

Summer duvets are also filled with cotton, wild silk or cashmere. These fillings are highly recommended for summer duvets because they feel fresh and soft. Their natural ventilation also contributes to a pleasant climate during warm summer nights. 

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The duvets in this collection are filled with 100% class I new Mazurian goose down and are the top of the range in down.


The duvets in this collection are filled with 90% new Polish goose down and 10% new white Polish goose feathers, class I.


The duvets in this collection are filled with 90% new Canadian (grey) goose down and 10% new Canadian goose feathers.

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