Bases & Beds

Slatted base

Over the past few years the slatted base has developed into a unit with pressure points capable of independent movement (see photo). The extra pressure points help to optimise the sleeper’s weight distribution compared with a traditional slatted base. De Slaapadviseur retails slatted bases from top brands Lattoflex, Swissflex and TEMPUR.

Divan for use with a bed frame

With a bed frame divan you need not be deprived of the comfort of a proper divan if you prefer a bed frame. The bed frame divan is not much higher than a standard slatted base and can be installed in almost any bed frame. De Slaapadviseur supplies bed frame divans by Fylds’, SCHRAMM, Styldecor, Treca and Vi-Spring.

Mesh base

This is a finely woven metal resilient mesh which makes the base easy to incorporate in thin designer and other bed frames, an additional advantage is that these bases are very well ventilated owing to their open structure. The ideal mattresses for a mesh base are sprung mattresses. De Slaapadviseur supplies Auping mesh bases.

A bed frame?

With the resurgence of the divan we have lost sight of the fact that there are other ways of putting together a bed which is a dream to lie on. Slatted bases, bed frame divans and mesh bases will of course fit in a bed frame and go with their respective mattresses.

A new bed frame?

At De Slaapadviseur you will find an extensive choice of bed frames: traditional beds, modern beds, wooden bed frames, metal bed frames, upholstered bed frames, etc.

Need to save space?

If space is tight in a bedroom or a small studio the answer may lie, apart from sofa beds, in opting for a wall bed or a folding bed. Combined with a sound mattress, these are possible substitutes for a conventional bed.


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