Lattoflex slatted bases

A Lattoflex sleep system ensures that the active base, mattress and the body interact perfectly. The base also reacts to the pressure from above and provides 60% of the overall support. This synergy optimises mattress performance and extends its life and comfort.

Lattoflex Winx X5 wing

Winx X5

The Lattoflex Winx® base utilises hundreds of extremely flexible support points that hold your body in the correct anatomical lying position throughout all phases of sleep. The unique wing with three individually acting support pads meticulously absorbs the least body movement. You can fine-tune each slat holder to achieve the optimum match of sleeping comfort to your preference. The slat holders (green) in the shoulder region have added flexibility to give the shoulder when lying on your side.

Relaxed position of the Lattoflex Winx base

Relax system

The exclusive relax system that is specific to the Lattoflex Winx base raises the feet to the same height as the heart for improved blood circulation and consequently better rested muscles and body.

Lattoflex Winx base Servomat R4

Winx X5 Servomat R4

The top of the X5 range gives you a guaranteed correct lying position thanks to the unique Winx® surface structure. The extremely flexible Winx® wings sit on fibreglass slats and guarantee perfect pressure distribution on the body for hours of undisturbed sleeping pleasure. The integral relax system facilitates blood circulation and allows better muscle relaxation. The 4 electric motors, which are operated wirelessly, enable you to set the bed to any desired position: sleeping, relaxing, reading, using media, dreaming, etc.

Lattoflex Winxbox


Lattoflex technology with divan look. With Winxbox Lattoflex brings together the best of both worlds: the superior ergonomic support of the Winx base and the appearance of a true divan. Stand-alone flexible Winx wings provide highly rated comfort that adapts automatically to every body type, concealed under a layer of fine fabric.

Lattoflex logo

Lattoflex Winx X5 detail


Lattoflex made history in 1957 with the invention of the slatted base. With its revolutionary invention Lattoflex divided the lying surface into different segments. This gave the body uniform and correct support over the entire length of the bed.
Many further improvements and developments of the slatted base concept succeeded on another, only to be completely outclassed in 1997 by a new invention, the Winxbase. This new technology introduced full three-dimensional support of the body for the first time: lengthwise, widthwise and depth-wise. It resulted in unrivalled sleeping comfort.
In 2012 the latex mattress, that had been used for over 50 years on slatted bases, was succeeded by a new high-tech foam: GELTEX inside. This highly flexible material gave unprecedented sleeping comfort and interacted perfectly with the three-dimensional support provided by the Winx base.

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