Swissflex slatted bases

UNI 22 Bridge

This high-tech slatted base combines the new bridge® technology with the proven Swissflex® wave slats over the entire surface and in addition offers top-level comfort – for optimum body support and ultimate sleeping comfort. This floating structure moreover looks particularly splendid.

UNI22 -95 Swissflex slatted base

Bridge technology

The main feature of the bridge® technology is a chain of spring modules, which make the slatted base extraordinarily flexible. A flexible adapter links the modules that link the slats together in turn. This adapter makes automatic and controlled pressure relief or support over the longitudinal centreline possible. The individual modules in high-grade plastic envelop the slats by means of a sleeve. The module assembly attached to it has a steel spring inside, the tension of which will vary according to the body zone. Under heavier loading the wave slat in the bottom set is activated and takes over the additional sprung support.

underside of Swissflex UNI22 Bridge module

UNI 14 Bridge

This model with a more inwardly curved frame features bridge® technology over its entire lying surface. This model is convincing mainly because of its correct and at the same time extremely effective support and pressure relief over the entire lying surface – without a bothersome centre bar in double beds. UNI 14 bridge® can be built into a bed frame as an option or be free-standing.

Swissflex UNI 14 Bridge

Swissflex logo

Swissflex UNI22 Bridge shoulder zone

Shoulder zone: 80 mm spring travel!

Resilient shoulder zone for maximum pressure relief, up to 80 mm of spring travel.

Swissflex UNI22 Bridge wave slat detail

Wave slats

Our patented wave slats are load-bearing elements that spread pressure over the entire width of the bed. Appropriate support is provided automatically – independently of sleeping position and body shape.

Swissflex UNI22 Bridge on legs with headboard

Built-in or on legs?

The Swissflex UNI 22 Bridge can of course be built into an existing bed frame or used without one. Swissflex has developed a set of legs for this and a headboard, if required.

Swissflex UNI 14 Bridge shoulder zone

Shoulder zone with 50 mm spring travel

Distinct shoulder zone (50 mm spring travel) as well as lumbar support with sharply differentiated body zones. 


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