Auping started out 120 years ago as a forge in Deventer, the Netherlands and was soon specialising in mesh bases. Mattresses and divans were added later on. That is how Auping developed into a sleep specialist and the market leader in the Netherlands.

The starting point in developing the beds consists of three key factors that make an Auping bed so special: ventilation, support and pressure relief.


Ventilation is a key factor in all Auping beds. Ventilation is of prime importance for a good night’s rest. In order to sleep well your body must be at the right temperature. This is achieved through good temperature control. The ability of mattresses and bases to deal with this moisture is therefore essential too. Ventilation leads to a fresh and hygienic sleeping climate. You will always be sleeping in a fresh and clean bed. You will sleep better and feel better too as a result.


It is natural for a body to move around while sleeping. This is important for proper blood circulation and supple joints. It means the skin can breathe better too. If turning is laborious, it will disturb your night’s rest. Auping mattresses are fitted with unique DPPS® springs that give you the right support and help you turn over in your sleep so you don’t have to lie awake because of it. Supporting a natural body posture through zoning in the mattress and pillow at the right height ensures that your muscles and joints are relaxed and therefore recover from the day’s exertions. This will set you up for a new day at your best.

Pressure relief

When you are lying on a mattress, pressure is applied on those areas where the mattress bears the heaviest load. It is important for your body that this pressure does not become excessive. The Auping mesh base consists of over 10,000 pressure points that ensure that this pressure is spread evenly the whole night long. In addition to this, point elasticity in the mattress and the mesh base ensures that the body is supported to the maximum extent, which keeps the pressure that occurs down to a minimum.


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