Belgian craftsmanship

Every Fylds’ bed is hand-manufactured in our own workshops by master bed-makers who live for their craft. Made to measure and sometimes a step beyond. The experience and passion with which these craftsmen go about their work cannot be replaced by any machine. Does this mean there are no machines involved? Of course there are, but only to support craftsmanship and to improve on its quality. The pocket springs in your mattress have what is known as a memory: they always return to their initial position. By applying just enough pretension they off the ideal resistance even at the slightest pressure. This uses the method of internal tufting. This labour-intensive process takes an experienced craftsman up to three hours per mattress.

Progressive spring combination blah-blah-blah

The master bed-makers at Het Belgisch Bed succeeded in combining three kinds of pocket spring into a unique mattress core with progressively increasing tension. The top HD® springs ensure a pleasantly soft first contact and maximum moulding to your body, regardless of shape, proportions or weight. The deeper lying “Multi-Low”® or “Posturfil”® springs make up the perfect foundation combined with the “High Touch” springs. Dividing the core into 7 comfort zones offers optimally balanced support for the whole body. The 3 types of small and full-size springs are encased in individual breathable pockets. The end result is an extremely comfortable, perfectly ventilated and utterly durable core for your mattress. Each mattress is available in a slightly softer, standard or slightly harder variant, according to preference.

A unique combination of wool and flax

Het Belgisch Bed contains a unique blend of carefully selected wool types and flax. The natural properties of wools from several breeds of sheep are combined with the added moisture-regulating effect and natural strength of flax. This results in a natural breathable comfort layer that provides you with guaranteed year-round optimum sleeping environment. Warm in winter and cool in summer. And will stay that way for many years.


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