Lattoflex is the true pioneer among all slatted bedstead manufacturers. The current Winx X5 generation with its hyper-resilient suspension on 3D wings ensures high-quality sleeping comfort. The GELTEX mattress rounds this sleep system off in super comfort.

Winx X5

With Winx, Lattoflex has created a different and unique way of sleeping: sleeping on wings, thanks to hundreds of flexible support points that keep your body in exactly the right lying position through the night. These POM (polyoxymethylene) wings sit on robust fibreglass slats which in turn are fitted in slat holders. These plastic slat holders are resilient and capable of swinging, ensuring that the wings can adapt faithfully in all 3 dimensions to your body. The special Winx surface structure allows air to circulate throughout which is ideal for a sound night’s sleep on a durable sleep system.

Lattoflex Winxbox


With Winxbox Lattoflex brings together the best of both worlds: the superior ergonomic support of the Winx base and the appearance of a true divan. Stand-alone flexible Winx wings provide highly rated comfort that adapts automatically to every body type, concealed under a layer of fine fabric.


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