Due to our body heat the TEMPUR mattress adopts the shape of our body, thus substantially reducing pressure to the shoulder and pelvic regions. Because a TEMPUR mattress eliminates the high-pressure points one can remain in the same position for longer without discomfort. As a result there will be less tossing and turning through the night (up to 50% less) and you will sleep more calmly. This new technology represents a real change in the world of sleeping comfort.

Pressure relief

The TEMPUR mattress conforms entirely to the contours of your body so you can rest in a natural and fully relaxed position. This results in improved blood circulation, you will also toss and turn less so you will get better quality sleep. Your body weight is evenly distributed over the entire lying surface, which gives you the feeling of being weightless.

What is memory foam?

Memory foam was initially developed for the NASA space programmes, which is why it is sometimes called ‘NASA foam’. However it was never used because it didn’t yield the desired result in space.
It turned up later on in the health sector where its pressure-reducing characteristics were harnessed to combat bed sores. Patients wanted the same mattress at home and thus the material became available in specialist sleep stores. 

Bed frames

TEMPUR also has a collection of beds: TEMPUR Prestige. Available in fabric or leather look and choice of 3 different finishes for the legs.

PRESTIGE bed frame special offer

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TEMPUR specifies a dedicated base for their mattresses, the TEMPUR Flex and the TEMPUR Flex Cloud. Both bases are contemporary slatted bases with flexibly suspended pads. They support the mattress in this way thus conforming to the major outlines of the sleeper’s body. 

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TEMPUR mattress

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