Beka divans

You can choose 3 divan concepts from Beka:

Beka basic divan

Basic divan:

The divan is the ideal foundation for the Beka sleep concept. Combined with a high-quality sprung mattress the divan will guarantee proper support and perfect pressure distribution. The divan features a bed covering fabric as standard to match the Beka mattress selected. This basic configuration together with a set of legs makes a comfortable and affordable bed.

Beka divan

Upholstered Divan:

By finishing the divan with a decorative covering we will instantly get many more possibilities to match the bed to your personal style, interior or taste. One can choose from a range of fabrics, different legs, head and foot boards and many accessories.

Beka Box de Luxe

Box de Luxe Divan:

Those with the highest standards in the areas of design, comfort, style and quality will settle on ‘BOX de LUXE’ by Beka. Technology and aesthetics go hand in hand here. Carefully chosen bedding fabrics achieve a stylish overall effect. The ‘Robuste’ set of legs was developed specially for this bed. Adding head and foot boards, travel rugs, scatter cushions, a bolster and box stools makes this bed uniquely yours. This divan is also available in an electrically adjustable version. Enjoy a nice breakfast, read a book or watch TV? You can do all these things in bed from now on.

Beka logo

Beka divan headboard detail

Beka is a unique collection where style and rest come together. It is an unrivalled sleep concept, the product of intensive research. Pure ergonomic comfort, in which divan and mattress come together to form the perfect combination. Sophisticated technology and an elegant finish ensure deep and restorative sleep, in which a busy day simply slips away from you.

Configure your divan yourself

choice of different legs, fabrics, headboards and accessories such as box stools, bedside tables, scatter cushions, etc.

Beka divan legs      

Beka chest

Beka divan detail

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