Fylds’ divans

Fylds’ electric divan

The Fylds’ divan is available in a flat or electrically adjustable version equipped with 2 or 3 motors. In addition each divan is available in 2 heights: 27 cm as a Medium Base or 36 cm as a High Base.

                    Fylds’ High Base                              Fylds’ Medium Base

The high-quality frame is glued and screwed by hand. This frame consists of 33 mm thick hardwood ply from the far north. Because of its slow growth and extremely low moisture content this timber will not warp after felling. This guarantees its utterly stable and robust properties.

Bed valance

As an optional extra you can have your divan finished with a valance to conceal its legs.

Fylds’ divan valance

Electrically adjustable

Electrically adjustable divans are fitted with a mattress stopper to keep the mattress in place.

Fylds’ divan mattress stopper

Configure your divan yourself

With a choice of various headboards and countless fabrics you can make a Fylds’ divan your own personal bed. 

Fylds’ divan    



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