SCHRAMM divans

lady on SCHRAMM mattress and base

With the twin-mattress system from the SCHRAMM bed range you will be choosing the perfect combination of a flexible top mattress plus a stable base mattress. This provides complete relaxation throughout the night, refreshing you in body, mind and spirit. The faithful response of the top mattress nestles the body in an anatomically ideal position. The stable base mattress yields to every movement thus constituting the ideal foundation on which to sleep well.

SCHRAMM electric divan


The motorised adjustable base mattresses do what you want. Well thought out down to the smallest detail, 7 different configurations with up to 5 moving sections take you to any desired position. Whether viewing TV or reading, to take the weight of your legs or relieve your back – your bed will move in virtual silence and continuously as you wish. It goes without saying that the highest safety standards apply to it. There are non-adjustable SCHRAMM base mattresses too as well as 4 adjustable versions.

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NB: SCHRAMM can only be viewed and obtained in our Ternat showroom.

SCHRAMM Grand Cru divan

New: Grand Cru

In the wine trade Grand Cru denotes a “great wine”, in interiors it is the SCHRAMM WERKSTÄTTEN premium model. It is true of both that they enjoy excellent positioning. In the case of the wine it is determined by the slope and the aspect of the vineyard. With the bed, its positioning is determined by a new 3-layer divan system that combines traditional craftsmanship with sumptuous raw materials. A vintage piece of furniture is the result. Every evening a new joy.

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