Vi-Spring divans

Pocket spring pioneer

Vi-Spring was founded in 1901 and was the first company to manufacture ‘pocket spring’ mattresses based on individually encased springs. Every Vi-Spring bed is hand-made by craftsmen based on quality standards that have no equal anywhere in the world.Refreshing sleep is fostered by using sumptuous natural materials such as: pure cashmere, fine lamb’s wool, horsehair and soft cotton. Concessions on quality and traditional values are out of the question in the manufacture of these beds.

Vi-Spring divan

Divan Art

In technical terms it is undeniable that Vi-Spring divans dominate their category: they are resilient, breathable and of the highest quality. Applying the very highest quality standards for all materials and techniques employed means you will have the best divan that money can buy. This unique mix of traditional craftsmanship and natural materials of the very highest quality endows their divan with sleeping comfort of absolute luxury.
Thanks to the vast collection with extensive options you will enjoy full freedom in the styling of your bed. This is highlighted once again by the fact that the entire divan is assembled by hand so you will get the divan that best matches the ambiance you are seeking in your bedroom design.
For over a century Vi-Spring has been synonymous with quality, which is why you will only find a Vi-Spring divan in the very best 5-star hotels and on the most luxurious cruise ships. Are you still looking for the best? If only the best is good enough, you will choose a life-changing sleeping experience and that will be Vi-Spring!

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crafting a Vi-Spring divan

Vi-Spring beds bases or divans are manufactured from carefully selected solid knot-free Scandinavian Spruce in order to bear the weight of the Vi-Spring mattress. Each divan is fitted with an extremely strong spring unit that provides a stable and supportive platform for the mattress. A filling of natural materials is applied in layers over the spring unit and covered with stout damask.

Vi-Spring Magnificence divan


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