Which mattress to choose?

There is indeed a great deal of choice in the mattress market and this does not make it any easier for the consumer, so it is understandable that you sometimes fail to see the wood for the trees.

As an independent business, De Slaapadviseur has created a selection from the best brands available in the market so you don’t have to worry about doing so.

Our sleep advisers will look together with you for the mattress that suits you best.

You can click the icons above for further explanation about the different types of mattresses.


A hard or a soft mattress?

Only a mattress?

A good base is of prime importance for your new mattress. If the base is worn out or not suitable for the type of mattress you will never manage to get the full potential from your mattress. The various bases are as follows: Slatted base, mesh base or divan.

Correct size and base?

Before coming to the store it is important to know the correct size of the mattress and what type of base you have.  This will help us to give you better targeted information about the various options.

The best way of checking the size of your bed frame is by measuring the inside width and length. Next, the type of base is important for the type of mattress you need.


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