TEMPUR memory foam mattresses

Because everyone defines comfort differently, TEMPUR offers three different mattress collections, each with its own feel and sleeping experience: Original, Cloud and Sensation. See the TEMPUR Mattress collections below and find your perfect mattress.


the original TEMPUR feel. TEMPUR material was originally developed for NASA to reduce the pressure experienced by astronauts during lift-off. These pressure-reducing characteristics underpin the core features of the Original Mattress: perfect support and comfort, with a firm feeling of comfort.
TEMPUR Original mattress detail


softness and ultimate sleeping comfort. The Cloud Mattress boasts a unique balance between softness and correct support. It combines the unique TEMPUR material with a newly developed softer comfort layer for immediate relaxation.TEMPUR Cloud mattress detail


a sensation in comfort. The Sensation Mattress line combines the springy feel of a traditional mattress with TEMPUR’s unique pressure-reducing properties. All mattresses in this collection feature clever mesh arrangement in the support layer for a more traditional sensation.
TEMPUR Sensation mattress detail


TEMPUR lady on her side

The TEMPUR mattress conforms entirely to the contours of your body so you can rest in a natural and fully relaxed position. This results in improved blood circulation, you will also toss and turn less so you will get better quality sleep. Your body weight is more evenly distributed over the entire lying surface, which gives you the feeling of being weightless.

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NEW: Breeze

Outstanding  new sleep technology from TEMPUR. TEMPUR Breeze mattresses contain newly patented TEMPUR Climate Material™ and a unique cover that is made to absorb and discharge excess moisture. By reducing relative humidity and boosting air flow, Breeze optimises the microclimate so you can keep cooler while sleeping. Breeze mattresses are available in Original, Sensation and Cloud collections and in 22 cm and 27 cm heights, so everyone can find their own Breeze mattress regardless of the comfort level selected.


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