Pocket spring mattress

Pocket spring mattress are made up of individually encased springs. This means each spring can compress and recover separately. This enables the contour of our body to be followed very closely and supported. 

The trend towards divans in recent years has meant that sprung mattresses are undergoing a veritable revival resulting in innovative technologies.

The sprung core is finished either side with a comfort layer. Cold foam or latex is usually used for this, combined with natural materials such as cotton, wool horsehair, flax etc. but only natural materials can be used.

Many mattress covers are removable (i.e. they can be cleaned) and available in anti-allergy versions. 

Better ventilation?

Moisture is rapidly eliminated from the mattress owing to the large volume of air around the pocket springs. Moreover the mattress stays cooler than a foam mattress during hot summer nights. 

On which base?

A divan is eminently the ideal base, because it provides nice evenly distributed support for the mattress with added resilience. A mesh base or mini-divan is an alternative for people who have an existing bed frame or who would like a more slender bed frame than a ‘thick’ divan.

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