SCHRAMM pocket spring mattresses

The supportiveness of each SCHRAMM mattress is matched individually to the weight and anatomy of the body through the use of various sprung core options. And because each 6-turn, 9-turn or 12-turn cylindrical spring is individually hand-sewn into cotton pockets, it can respond independently and conform exactly to the contours and movements of the body. That is true individuality for the highest possible level of sleep culture.


The SCHRAMM MYTHOS pocket spring mattress uses 6-turn heat-stabilised springs which are fatigue and overload resistant as well as demagnetised. Depending on the sleeper’s weight, weight distribution and sleeping habits springs of different tension operate within one mattress.


Over 80 years of traditional craftsmanship. Five years of development and detail work: DIVINA, the divine hand-made mattress, pushes the boundaries throughout Europe and clearly offers greater comfort. DIVINA is available in four different tension versions. The traditional functionality, natural flexibility and unrivalled bed climate are intended for a target group who will not accept any compromises on comfort and luxury. It goes without saying that the new 9-turn cylindrical steel springs are heat-stabilised. They are dynamic, while remaining soft and resilient. You can feel and experience the high-grade upholstery and coverings such as linen, silk, pure sheep’s wool as well as lyocell or kapok with all your senses.

Grand Cru

In the wine trade Grand Cru denotes a “great wine”, in interiors it is the SCHRAMM WERKSTÄTTEN premium model. It is true of both that they enjoy excellent positioning. In the case of the wine it is determined by the slope and the aspect of the vineyard. With the bed, its positioning is determined by a new 3-layer divan system with a 12-turn (!) pocket spring in the mattress, individually hand-sewn into cotton pockets, as well as various natural unstiffened fabrics such as wool, silk, linen and cashmere which are given an extra overlay in cashmere/silk and a silk/viscose cover. This creates a mattress which is delicate in every respect with velvety elasticity and unrivalled sleeping comfort in which traditional craftsmanship combines with sumptuous raw materials. A vintage piece of furniture is the result. Every evening a new joy.

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